whole day in LAB!!!

3 Disember 09
I have spend the whole day in the Robocon Lab today.
but the result that I and my partner got can be said as successfull.
however, not all parts are success, certain must be check and do it again, again and again!!!

but today, the success part is that we got to build the main body of our project consist of suction cup, servo motor that are joint together with another suction cup and another servo motor. all these material we connect with the 'recycle material' that comes from the Robocon Lab including screws, bolts, nuts, aluminium tube and others.

this is our main body of robot...

the testing have been made to the joining part of suction cup, servo motor together with aluminium tube and the results is successfull!!!

the testing is done and the robot able to support the weight consist of two 6V rechargeable battery....


k.e.r.i. said...

gila ah.
entry mat saleh tuu.

seepot seedot said...

well...thats how I'm improve!!!