servo breakdown + claim!

4 Disember 09
welcome to the world of screws!!!

this is the recycle screw, bolts, nuts, and whatever they called as joining material. these world of screws is help us very much in designing and joining all the robot's parts.

for today, the same process happen based on yesterday process that we test our robot in the lab again to know the exact voltage and current that support the weight of robot. the test have already done and the result is need to calculate again because they is a calculation between force of material and the length of our robot. we cut the main body of robot that is aluminium tube to the length of 1feet because the force of material problem. therefore, our robot will smoothly move between section to another section.

this is the new look of our robot...the length is reduce to 1feet only!

below is the video for the testing process in the lab. the maximum voltage that the servo will supplied is 7.2V but we use only 6V voltage combine with the high current to make the robot operate smoothly.

however, the most important is that our servo actually cannot operate smoothly due to the broken of its gear, as we assume only!
and the best thing is we got our first claim that is RM550 for the costs of our budget...