MU 3-1 Hull City

Ni semalam punya perlawanan. Manchester United kembali di landasan kemenangan apabila mudah membenam Hull City dgn 3-1. semua jaringan berpunca dari kepandaian ROONEY bermain bola. haha......

1st gol dari Rooney...

kesilapan dari Rooney...

Rooney bermain baik...

Berbatov dpt score hasil dr kepandaian Rooney!!!



Game ni berlangsung pada 19 disember yang lalu. kalau game lepas MU sdp je belasah Wolves 3 gol tanpa balas, sekarang Manchester United kena balik 3 gol tanpa balas. memang nyata kelemahan barisan pertahanan MU kerana hanya Evra sahaja yang ade sebagai pertahanan.semua beklain cedera!!!!!

gol ni hasil kesilapan Scholes...

ini gol mudah...

ini pun gol mudah...hasil kelemahan pertahanan!!!

MU 3-0 Wolves

Game ni berlangsung pd 15 disember yang lalu. dek kerana intrnet rumahku rosak terook, skrang baru dpt upload gol kemenangan ni. Manchester United dpt 3 gol tanpa bolos.

1st from Rooney...

2nd from Vidic...

3rd from Valencia...

circuit construction...

14 Disember 09
today, we construct the circuit for the wall climbing robot race to operate.
there is 4 circuits that mainly operate in the robot that are Sk40A circuit operation, SC16A circuit, sensor circuit and servo motor circuit. all these 4 circuits is combine into 1 pieces circuit board.

sensor...transmitter and receiver that will used in detection the suction cup on the wall

combination of 4 circuits...

MU 0-1 AstonVilla

Manchester United kalah pulak semalam...
malas nak ulas lanjut...
dah kalah...terima sahajalah dgn redha...
main dah bagus, cuma takde naseb je....

gol pemusnah dari Agbonlahor!!!

programming robot...

10,11, & 12 Disember 09
for this 3 days, we are concentrating to the study or revision about the programming of the robot. we have already borrow the burner or the UIC00A socket for programming the PIC microcontroller. therefore, for these 3 days, we spend a lot of time in programming the robot. In other means, we try to program the wall climbing robot to do its work, as fast as possible.

UIC00A socket...

the programming cover the movement of servo motor for make the rotation. there is two type of servo motor in this robot, first is the 180 degree servo and second is the 360 degree servo motor. so, we must make the programming for these 2 type of servo motor to applied it to the robot movement.

programming + testing...

more than that, we also make an adjustment or improvement to the robot include its stability, reduce the weight that is very important in this robot and others. about the stage for the robot to move, the progress is 70% finish and we are waiting the perspect material from the supplier to complete the last section of that stage.


meeting and some problem!

9 Disember 09
today is our first meeting of the Singapore Robotoics Competition(SRG). all the groups that involve in SRG attend this meeting at lecturer room at 11am. all the responsibe lecturer for SRG also attend this meeting to know the progress from all the groups that will participate for SRG. the groups consist of Sumo Robot, Colony Robot and Wall-Climbing Robot.

the first problem that cover during this meeting is that the budget! there is a cancellation from the Presiden of UniKL for not allow all the groups to go for SRG. the reason is that the budget for SRG is over. therefore, the responsibe lecturer for this SRG, Mr Lukman Hakim will discuss again with the Dean of MFI for the confirmation of this problem. so, we need to focus to our project only.

the work for today is that, we continue our revision about all the board that will be used in our wall climbing robot race. in addition, we also research about the suitable optic sensor that will be used in wall-climbing robot. optic sensor is used to sense the exact distance that the suction cup will do its work properly.

MU 3-1 Wolfsburg

Manchester United made it right last night...
3-1 terhasil semalam apabila MU berjaya mengalahkan Wolfsburg.
dengan keadaan skuad yang huru-hara disebabkan ramai cedera, MU masih berjaya untuk menang.

hatrik dari Owen....

revision period...

8 Disember 09
today, we concentrate about the programming of our servo motor. we choose to used the board of SK40A for the programming of servo motor to communicate. actually, we have already used this board last semester when we take the subject of Mechatronics Design Project. after a little discussion with Mdm Siti Khadijah, we choose the SK40A board from Cytron Malaysia for our programming of wall climbing robot race. therefore, today is just for the revision day or a study period for us to understand the function of SK40A board. although we have already know the basic guide to used that board, we still need to renew our knowledge for the convenience of us.

SK40A board with cable...we borrow this board from the technician of MFI.

in addition, we also study the SC16A board that will used to communicate with SK40A board. SC16A board is a 16 channel servo controller that we bought from Jalan Pasar on yesterday. this board also supplied by Cytron Malaysia.

SC16A board...

another work that we have done today is making the joining process of suction cup, servo motor and the part that comes from suction cup for the convenience when the sucking process happen.

Jalan Pasar...

7 Disember 09
I and my partner continue our FYP today after we hold our process about 2 days because of a problem from my partner, he goes back to KT.

today, actually one of our servo was break down a few days before Raya Haji because of its gear was stuck or cannot function as usual. this problem brought us to Jalan Pasar to buy again another servo motor. at first, we want to claim the broken servo motor but that electronic shop can't help us because that servo is broken because of us. we accept it! however, we got what we want and 3 servo motor was bought by us, costs RM 270 (RM 90 each). another device that we bought is 16 channel servo controller that cost us RM 165. therefore, the total we spend today is RM435!

MU 4-0 West Ham

Manchester United got it 4 again...
Scholes, Gibson, Valencia dan ROONEY melengkapkan kemenangan MU mlm tadi.
kemenangan dicapai bermakna MU hanya dipisah dua mata shaja dgn Chelsea.
4 gol dihasilkan smlm!!!

GO GO GO Mancheeeeeeeeeeeeester Uniteeeeeeeeeed....

servo breakdown + claim!

4 Disember 09
welcome to the world of screws!!!

this is the recycle screw, bolts, nuts, and whatever they called as joining material. these world of screws is help us very much in designing and joining all the robot's parts.

for today, the same process happen based on yesterday process that we test our robot in the lab again to know the exact voltage and current that support the weight of robot. the test have already done and the result is need to calculate again because they is a calculation between force of material and the length of our robot. we cut the main body of robot that is aluminium tube to the length of 1feet because the force of material problem. therefore, our robot will smoothly move between section to another section.

this is the new look of our robot...the length is reduce to 1feet only!

below is the video for the testing process in the lab. the maximum voltage that the servo will supplied is 7.2V but we use only 6V voltage combine with the high current to make the robot operate smoothly.


however, the most important is that our servo actually cannot operate smoothly due to the broken of its gear, as we assume only!
and the best thing is we got our first claim that is RM550 for the costs of our budget...

whole day in LAB!!!

3 Disember 09
I have spend the whole day in the Robocon Lab today.
but the result that I and my partner got can be said as successfull.
however, not all parts are success, certain must be check and do it again, again and again!!!

but today, the success part is that we got to build the main body of our project consist of suction cup, servo motor that are joint together with another suction cup and another servo motor. all these material we connect with the 'recycle material' that comes from the Robocon Lab including screws, bolts, nuts, aluminium tube and others.

this is our main body of robot...

the testing have been made to the joining part of suction cup, servo motor together with aluminium tube and the results is successfull!!!

the testing is done and the robot able to support the weight consist of two 6V rechargeable battery....

servo makes me sick....

1 & 2 Disember 09
FYP is still alive with a new intention after Hari Raya Aidiladha that we celebrate a few days ago. for this two days, I and my partner is concentrate to the servo motor. because of this servo motor, our sleep is disturb totally.

at first, the servo motor supplied by technician is not running properly after we demonstrated it.

the need for servo motor is very important because the servo that supplied by the technician is not highly help us due to the lack of specification that cannot be given. we don't know the exact value for the voltage supplied by that servo. the spec is very very important for the construction of a proper suction process combining the application of servo and suction cup.

therefore, we proceed this poblem to Jalan Pasar and all this probem is settle. we bought two type of servo motor that is for 360 degree and 180 degree. we bought two servo motor for each type that cost us RM360 nett. these 4 servo motor is supplied by cytron malaysia. but the most important thing, we got the spec for our servo motor!!!

we have test it after we got it and the result is nearly successfull...

for this two day, we also finish the painting process of our stage that needed by the rules of competition. but the important thing for the stage is to wait for the material (plastic composite/prospek) that we ordered.


MU 2-0 Tottenham Hotspurs (Carling Cup)

menang menang menang dan menang lagi...
berbaloi jgak la keluar tgk bola sorang2 kat mamak...
brilliant Manchester united!!!
the youngsters have prove it!!!
its come from two sweetly-struck by Gibson...

1st from Gibson..

2nd also from Gibson...

MU 4-1 Pompey

MU merayakan Hari Raya Qorban dengan kemenangan 4-1 ke atas Portsmouth pd 28 November lalu. terima kaseh kepada hatrik dr Rooney dan gol dr Giggs yang menjaringkan gol ke-100 untuk Manchester United.

MU masih berusaha mengejar Chelshit dlm kedudukan EPL...