meeting and some problem!

9 Disember 09
today is our first meeting of the Singapore Robotoics Competition(SRG). all the groups that involve in SRG attend this meeting at lecturer room at 11am. all the responsibe lecturer for SRG also attend this meeting to know the progress from all the groups that will participate for SRG. the groups consist of Sumo Robot, Colony Robot and Wall-Climbing Robot.

the first problem that cover during this meeting is that the budget! there is a cancellation from the Presiden of UniKL for not allow all the groups to go for SRG. the reason is that the budget for SRG is over. therefore, the responsibe lecturer for this SRG, Mr Lukman Hakim will discuss again with the Dean of MFI for the confirmation of this problem. so, we need to focus to our project only.

the work for today is that, we continue our revision about all the board that will be used in our wall climbing robot race. in addition, we also research about the suitable optic sensor that will be used in wall-climbing robot. optic sensor is used to sense the exact distance that the suction cup will do its work properly.


Dreizet said...

adus..pemberi semnagat da..

ape2 pon aku suke bace blog ko, lg2 bile ko tulis progress pasal robotic things. love it, but no chance to do it. if possible, uploadla test video ke..full project ke. interesting pieces to share. ganbate ne!

seepot seedot said...

ooo...ade gok org sudi bca aku pnya blog...aku tulis je sbb malas nk buat diary projek...kekgi senang nk kopi paste...hehe.

bagilah aku msuk blog mung...