servo makes me sick....

1 & 2 Disember 09
FYP is still alive with a new intention after Hari Raya Aidiladha that we celebrate a few days ago. for this two days, I and my partner is concentrate to the servo motor. because of this servo motor, our sleep is disturb totally.

at first, the servo motor supplied by technician is not running properly after we demonstrated it.

the need for servo motor is very important because the servo that supplied by the technician is not highly help us due to the lack of specification that cannot be given. we don't know the exact value for the voltage supplied by that servo. the spec is very very important for the construction of a proper suction process combining the application of servo and suction cup.

therefore, we proceed this poblem to Jalan Pasar and all this probem is settle. we bought two type of servo motor that is for 360 degree and 180 degree. we bought two servo motor for each type that cost us RM360 nett. these 4 servo motor is supplied by cytron malaysia. but the most important thing, we got the spec for our servo motor!!!

we have test it after we got it and the result is nearly successfull...

for this two day, we also finish the painting process of our stage that needed by the rules of competition. but the important thing for the stage is to wait for the material (plastic composite/prospek) that we ordered.