FYP hold...

Tuesday, 24 Nov 09
today, just a revision or some called as a research day for our FYP progress.
this happen because of the some adjustment or replacement method that we need to discuss with the supervisor and co-supervisor.

therefore, today we have a discussion with the supervisor only because our co-supervisor have a work to do.
the replacement include the used of suitable motor to the robot, that is servo motor and the concept of gear. actually, there is a link between the used of servo motor and the concept of gear in giving the proper movement for our wall-climbing robot.

in addition, mr yusman also gave a few input to us for the research of a suitable servo motor to be used to our robot.

so, there is what happen today and we now focus to the HARI RAYA QORBAN that will be celebrate next friday...
and our FYP is HOLD for a few days...


just look around...

Monday,23 Nov 09
not much work we have don't today due to the arranging plan that we want to build again with the supervisor and co-supervisor...
actually, for now we have a difficulty in determining the right solution for the problem that we had...
include the right material to be used, the right method to be apply to the application and the dreaming result that we want to achieve.
today, we had a discussion with the technician only because our supervisor and co-supervisor have a work to do...thanks to Encik Marzukee for his co-operation as a technician!

however,there is a work that we have done today. it is a painting or spraying process to our wall of the stage for our robot to move on properly. this process actually not very important because painting or spraying the wall is just only a guide to know whether the robot used a sensor or not to make it move on....
for the fact, we don't make a sensor to make the robot move on...
and therefore, the spraying process is just to fulfill the requirement for the competition...

we found a new one

Sunday,22 Nov 09
actually, our FYP progress is need to rest because the shortage of some materials.
but the stage is on its way to be settle in a few hours again..section B is a big problem for us because the material is being ordered.
today is a little holiday for us.

the stage or wall...section A and C that is finish!!!

however,we make a new improvement or a new things to our project because we eliminate the old suction cup with the new one..that is bigger and harder than before..we bought it from Cheras after we search it from lelong.com.my...

this is our new suction cup...RM38!

that suction cup manage to support the wall of stage..we experiment it!

MU 3-0 Everton

Kerinduan melihat aksi Manchester United terubat semalam setelah hampir 2 minggu liga EPL bercuti. MU menggunakan sepenuhnya kelebihan bermain di Old Trafford selepas berjaya menumpaskan Everton 3-0. Mu dah naik ke tangga kedua sekarang selepas musuh utama, Arsenal tewas kepada Sunderland 1-0. Gol-gol semalam dijaringkan oleh Fletcher, Carick dan Valencia...

superb dari Fletcher..

slow motion dari Carrick

fired dari Valencia...

stage almost done!

Saturday, 21 Nov 09
stage construction continue again with the work for the postponed work yesterday.
today, all the needed material is provided by the technician except the plastic composite or some called as 'prospect' material for the middle part of the stage. work is very hard today but the technician help us a lot in designing and building the stage as fast as possible.

the machines used in this work are MitreSaw and JigSaw.

these are the section parts from three section that is A,B and C that we have to build for the stage to complete.
the two sections that are A and C is almost complete except the last section that is section B is hold to wait for the material being ordered.

suction cup with 5.25kg

this is an addition to the weight that the suction cup can support.
there is 5kg & above that this suction cup manage to support.
the experiment has been made and the result is calculated that 5.25kg!
after 5.25kg, the suction cup look heavy to support above that value.



shortage become longtage..haha!

Friday, 20 Nov 09
what is means by that longtage...just for kidding!

this day start when we looking for shortage material that is bolt and nut for the construction of stage.
we got it and the frame for that stage is finally being progress.
the bolts and nuts cost us RM15...!

but the stage is secondly postponed due to the lack of materials at the Robocon Lab.
the lack materials are bolts and nuts again, plywood and material that used for joint the frame of stage.

the progress of suction cup is still in its way. the new thing is we add the adhesive glue to the suction cup and solenoid to tighten its together and the result is see below:

the most important things this day is, we are cheated by the chinese hardware for the cost of bolts and nuts. the chinese hardware cost us RM15 for 50 bolts and nuts. but the malay hardware cost us only RM12 for 100 bolts and nuts...so outrageous! however, all the cost we can claim it under the FYP project and Robotics Competition.

FYP need to be start!

Thursday, 19 Nov 09
today is the real and exact time that my FYP is start to progress...
because the hooliday time is finish!

actually, the day is start when we survey the project material from astanadigital.com at Bandar Bukit Mahkota. but astanadigital can't help us a lot because they are busy for the renovation process of their company. more than that they don't really understand about the used or application of suction cup process in our project.

there is a wall or stage construction of our project. this stage is to be used for the wall or main stage for the wall-climbing robot to do its job...there is the material that have to be cut for the frame of the wall. the length of each is about 2metres and the width is 0.8 metres.

after all the part that to be used for this construction is cut, the construction need to be postponed due to the shortage of the nut that used to joint the stage.

the experiment about sucking process is in progress and the body of that experiment is already done. there is a combination of suction cup, solenoid and aluminium square tube.

proposal presentation

Monday, 16 Nov 09

with my partner...Ghazali!

our FYP requirement is continue again...with the presentation of proposal is take an action a few hours ago...and thanks to God for bless us in what we have done to our proposal...although our proposal is not complete as possible, we have try our best and the result we got is good...

actually, there is not a simple presentation that we expected before...its same like what we have had at Tati in our diploma study...the questions that ask by the panels are more about the application of suction cup to be apply to the sucking process of our project...after an explanation about the used of solenoid, DC motor+gear, limit switch and suction cup, all the panel finally agree to what we want to build in the WALL-CLIMBING ROBOT RACE...

our proposal is accepted!!!

2012 + Pork Dikson

ni la yang berlaku bila exam dah habis...
bukan sesuatu yang sentiasa dilakukan...
ini hanyalah utk membalas dendam...
ke atas semester yang terlalu menyusahkan!

2012....cerita yang menarik.
mulanya, ingtkan kisah mengenai kiamat..
tapi rupa2nya, jauh tersasar sbb..
kisahnya ala kisah nabi Nuh yang selamatkan kaumya dengan bahtera..
cuma dlm 2012 ni takde nabi je...
mat salleh ni sbnrnya tahu pasal kiamat...
cuma mereka masih hanyut tiada halatuju...
tu sje....


kami berdua belas org...

kaki wayang...

kesudahan membalas dendam
akhirnya membawa kami ke pantai PD...
sampai juga aku ke PD ni...
tp takde la secantik pantai Rusila..hehe.

wajah2 riang...

jauh gak PD ni...tertido!

baru bgn...kesian kamoo org kena masak.

pergh!!! akhirnya...

jamuan kerang...


isk isk isk....

wajah sebenar kerirooney...

keberangkatan pulang...

p/s: ALHAMDULILLAH ikatan persahabatan semakin erat!

proposal submission

Friday, 13 Nov 09
today is a new step for my FYP1 process of this semester. it is a proposal submission that all the students that undergo the FYP1 have to submit this document including me. Alhamdulillah and thanks to God for help me to finish this proposal within a time given...opss, is no me only but with my partner, Ghazali.

I and my partner have added a new application or a new method to completing our project as we have schedule. before the submission is make, we make a changing process to our project. this changing is for the method of building the robot. the new method is cover the used of suction cup for sucking process.

first picture of suction cup+solenoid

before this, we plan to used the pump motor,stepper motor and pressure sensor to make a sucking operation look properly. but the new method we use is using a suction cup from car telephone holder combine with the electromagnetic solenoid and limit switch that we have buy it from Jalan Pasar, a few days ago.

second picture of suction cup+solenoid

we also change the motor type of our project that is from stepper motor to DC motor. the linear actuator for the main body of the robot is also change because we use aluminium square tube for make a robot light in its weight.
the operation look better than before and the cost is also reduce because the used of pump motor and pressure sensor is assume to be expensive.

PAS kembali bersatu!

Dah berakhir sessi percambahan minda sempena Seminar PAS tadi yang dihadiri oleh pimpinan tertinggi PAS seperti Tok Guru Hj Hadi, Tok Guru Nik Aziz dan lain2.
Ianya diadakan selepas kenyataan terbuka yang dibuat oleh Prof Aziz Bari baru-baru ini mengenai beberapa pemimpin PAS.
Syukur sebab pergolakan dalam kepimpinan PAS berjaya diharungi dengan baik.

Sebagai kesimpulannya, para pemimpin PAS digesa agar jangan sesekali menolak persepsi ke atas mereka kerana diabad ini persepsi sudah dianggap sebagai satu maklumat. Para pemimpin PAS mesti menerima pandangan Dr Abdul Aziz Bari sebagai satu maklumat dan diambil tindakan sewajarnya dan bukan mencari bagaimana persepsi itu terbina.

Mereka yang tidak percaya kepada persepsi bolehlah dianggap sudah primitif dan masih berpijak kepada abad ke 17 dahulu. Ini kerana, di abad ini, maklumat bergerak dengan cepat dan tidak boleh lagi dibendung dengan penafian, penjelasan atau sebagainya.

Ia mesti ditangani dengan bijak bukan lagi dengan cara penafian, mencari punca atau seumpamanya. Para peserta seminar yang marahkan penulis atau pembentang seperti Dr Aziz adalah primitif dan hanya sesuai hidup di abad ke 17 sahaja.

Sumber: Harakahdaily.net

MU 3-3 CSKA Moscow

mengaku kalah pantang sekali...
MU terus unggul mlm td
apabila berjaya menjadikan kedudukn seri
setelah ketinggalan 3-1 pd satu ketika...
akhirnya kemenangan dilakar seri 3-3 dengan CSKA Moscow...

1st from CSKA...

Owen score!!!

2nd from CSKA...

3rd from CSKA again...

MU bounce back...2-3

MU make it 3-3 thru Valencia!!!

MU dah booking tiket ke pusingan seterusnya utk Liga Juara2 ni!!!

first to do...

Tuesday, 3 Nov 09
this is the first time I prefer to update my blog in english. if anyone can't read my blog properly, just let me know.

I've decided to write in english followed with the starting of my Final Year Project. this Final Year Project (FYP) actually begin about two month ago. but the exact starting point for doing this FYP is start about a few weeks ago, starting with the submission of the proposal.

the late starting for my FYP is not because the laziest habit of human being like me, but its more about the precious time that very little and disturb the starting of my FYP. most semester 6 students know about this!

actually, the FYP that I have to make with my partner, Ghazali is constructing the Wall Climbing Robot. this is not only to fulfill my FYP requirement but it also constructed for the Singapore Robotics Competition that will be held next year. so, I've to pray for the successful of my FYP...please GOD!

for now, I've to build a stage or a wall that have to be used as the stage for the robot to climb on and preparing the proposal submission. this is the first two thing from a few things that I have to do because the time is very precious for now. I have to sette this project during my semester holiday and therefore I have no vacation during that time!

because of the FINAL Exam, this stage construction will be hold down but the proposal writing is still in progress. the stage construction will be start again after the FINAL examination.

MU 2-0 Blackburn

MU mng lagi...
kali ni menumpaskan Blackburn dgn 2-0...
lepas ni jmpa CHELSEA!!!
gol gol gol gol gol gol gol gol......
ROONEY got his net!!!