FYP need to be start!

Thursday, 19 Nov 09
today is the real and exact time that my FYP is start to progress...
because the hooliday time is finish!

actually, the day is start when we survey the project material from astanadigital.com at Bandar Bukit Mahkota. but astanadigital can't help us a lot because they are busy for the renovation process of their company. more than that they don't really understand about the used or application of suction cup process in our project.

there is a wall or stage construction of our project. this stage is to be used for the wall or main stage for the wall-climbing robot to do its job...there is the material that have to be cut for the frame of the wall. the length of each is about 2metres and the width is 0.8 metres.

after all the part that to be used for this construction is cut, the construction need to be postponed due to the shortage of the nut that used to joint the stage.

the experiment about sucking process is in progress and the body of that experiment is already done. there is a combination of suction cup, solenoid and aluminium square tube.