first to do...

Tuesday, 3 Nov 09
this is the first time I prefer to update my blog in english. if anyone can't read my blog properly, just let me know.

I've decided to write in english followed with the starting of my Final Year Project. this Final Year Project (FYP) actually begin about two month ago. but the exact starting point for doing this FYP is start about a few weeks ago, starting with the submission of the proposal.

the late starting for my FYP is not because the laziest habit of human being like me, but its more about the precious time that very little and disturb the starting of my FYP. most semester 6 students know about this!

actually, the FYP that I have to make with my partner, Ghazali is constructing the Wall Climbing Robot. this is not only to fulfill my FYP requirement but it also constructed for the Singapore Robotics Competition that will be held next year. so, I've to pray for the successful of my FYP...please GOD!

for now, I've to build a stage or a wall that have to be used as the stage for the robot to climb on and preparing the proposal submission. this is the first two thing from a few things that I have to do because the time is very precious for now. I have to sette this project during my semester holiday and therefore I have no vacation during that time!

because of the FINAL Exam, this stage construction will be hold down but the proposal writing is still in progress. the stage construction will be start again after the FINAL examination.