FYP hold...

Tuesday, 24 Nov 09
today, just a revision or some called as a research day for our FYP progress.
this happen because of the some adjustment or replacement method that we need to discuss with the supervisor and co-supervisor.

therefore, today we have a discussion with the supervisor only because our co-supervisor have a work to do.
the replacement include the used of suitable motor to the robot, that is servo motor and the concept of gear. actually, there is a link between the used of servo motor and the concept of gear in giving the proper movement for our wall-climbing robot.

in addition, mr yusman also gave a few input to us for the research of a suitable servo motor to be used to our robot.

so, there is what happen today and we now focus to the HARI RAYA QORBAN that will be celebrate next friday...
and our FYP is HOLD for a few days...