shortage become longtage..haha!

Friday, 20 Nov 09
what is means by that longtage...just for kidding!

this day start when we looking for shortage material that is bolt and nut for the construction of stage.
we got it and the frame for that stage is finally being progress.
the bolts and nuts cost us RM15...!

but the stage is secondly postponed due to the lack of materials at the Robocon Lab.
the lack materials are bolts and nuts again, plywood and material that used for joint the frame of stage.

the progress of suction cup is still in its way. the new thing is we add the adhesive glue to the suction cup and solenoid to tighten its together and the result is see below:

the most important things this day is, we are cheated by the chinese hardware for the cost of bolts and nuts. the chinese hardware cost us RM15 for 50 bolts and nuts. but the malay hardware cost us only RM12 for 100 bolts and outrageous! however, all the cost we can claim it under the FYP project and Robotics Competition.