revision period...

8 Disember 09
today, we concentrate about the programming of our servo motor. we choose to used the board of SK40A for the programming of servo motor to communicate. actually, we have already used this board last semester when we take the subject of Mechatronics Design Project. after a little discussion with Mdm Siti Khadijah, we choose the SK40A board from Cytron Malaysia for our programming of wall climbing robot race. therefore, today is just for the revision day or a study period for us to understand the function of SK40A board. although we have already know the basic guide to used that board, we still need to renew our knowledge for the convenience of us.

SK40A board with cable...we borrow this board from the technician of MFI.

in addition, we also study the SC16A board that will used to communicate with SK40A board. SC16A board is a 16 channel servo controller that we bought from Jalan Pasar on yesterday. this board also supplied by Cytron Malaysia.

SC16A board...

another work that we have done today is making the joining process of suction cup, servo motor and the part that comes from suction cup for the convenience when the sucking process happen.