No Singapore Robotics Games (SRG)!!!

17 January 09
this is the saddess part of our project development. our project(Wall climbing robot) including all the project for Singapore Robotics Games(SRG) is cancelled due to the shortage of budget that cannot be support by the Universiti Kuala Lumpur. we got this news a few days ago after a long time of holiday that is given by the supervisor to us. therefore, this is the means that we have to accept after a shock holiday that our supervisor give. SAD!!!
and...we have to finish our project as the FinalYearProject that we have proposed first.
below is the works thay we have finish before we start a break about a month ago:

21 December 09
today, we go to the robocon lab for the testing of the programming that we have do it before. the used of power supply is very important because we can try or testing the function of the programming properly. the testing is successfull but there is a problems that we have to concern a lot.

there is a problem for the supply of the robot. the rechargeable battery is unable to supply the volage for 4 main circuit of the robot. the current is unable to give it 'power' to control all the circuits. therefore, we used another supply for the solution, that is 9V battery. 9V battery is used to control 2 circuits that are SK40A circuit and sensor circuit. the rechargeable battery is used to control the servo motor circuit and the SC16A circuit.

19 & 20 December 09
for this two days, we concentrate to the study or revision about the programming of the robot. we have try a lot of method or step to know the exact solution or program for the programming of our wall climbing robot.

we got a sample source code that is supplied by the Cytron Malaysia for the single servo motor and the SC16A board. Sample source code for control single servo motors is using delays by the PIC 16F877A with 20MHz. We have try the sample source code of servo motor using the SK40A board. The sample source code for SC16A is used to control 16 servos using PIC 16F877A. We have to try for adjusting the programming for control 4 servo motors because the robot is used only 4 servo motors to operate.

16 December 09
today is the second meeting for our project that also for Singapore Robotics Competition (SRG). the meeting progress cover the budget that will be used and the budget that have already used in our project. all the supervisor mention that we must settle all the mechanical part of the robot as fast as possible.

after meeting, we continue the process of building the last section of the stage that is section B. the weather today is very clear and there is simplify our work while using the electrical machine. at last, all the section have been done successfully by us.

15 December 09
today, we got the very needed material for the last section of the stage. that is the perspect sheet that we ordered a month ago. that perspect sheet is Length : 2000 mm length, 800 mm width and 13 mm thick.

after we got it from the technician, we continue the last process of stage construction that is building the section B of the stage by using that perspect sheet. however, the process is postponed due to the lightning during the process that cause the danger situation while using the electrical machine like drill machine and related equipment. we stop the process and will continue it on another day.

another work that we have done today is improve our circuit design of the 4 main circuit of wall climbing robot. the work include the space that is need to be reduce due to the small space on the circuit board.

14 December 09
today, the first thing that we do is go to the Astana Digital to find a lot of components and material that is very needed in making the 4 main circuit of wall climbing robot. however, not all the components is supplied by Astana Digital and therefore, we have to wait to get it on another day.

we also making the bracket for the battery that will be used in the robot. all the material for this process is supplied by the technician.